You’re shrimply the best

If you want to contribute to an awesome book with many other bloggers, please read my post:
Let’s make a book together

And for those who want to participate, I am keeping a log of the drawings that already have been chosen.
So, before you write anything, please check this page out:

Let’s make a book together project log


  1. Love this idea, Andrea. I will look through your illustrations, and hopefully writing inspiration will flow through. 🙂 Thank you for this opportunity. In my latest post, I, requested guest writers if you’re interested and need more people. The link is at the bottom of the latest post.~ Bernice

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  2. Yes, they are very self sufficient and don’t require any special diet.

    But there are shrimps that need really special care and the sound of their snap can even break the glass of a regular fish tank.
    But those are for people who are a lot more advanced in this hobby.

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