6 basic emotions (part 3)

Part of the 6 basic emotions I have written about:

Happiness and Sadness
Fear and Disgust

Today, we are continuing with the last two
(Just the drawings today, I can’t seem to concentrate on typing)

Anger 🤬

Sureprise 😳

Do let me know which character you like the most !


  1. Goodness, it’s hard to identify just one favorite, because they’re all so nicely done. The little fox screaming into the pillow is pretty good, though.


  2. I found myself wondering recently if screaming into a pillow might help me. I forgot about it for days. When I was younger (and lived more remotely), I would sometimes just scream out and it would help. These days, it’s much harder to do without people thinking you’re crazy and/or calling the authorities. Finally, once I remembered, I covered my face with a pillow and opened my mouth, and screamed but it was a half-hearted attempt.

    I particularly like the expression of the animal playing the saxophone.


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