6 basic emotions (part 2)

In my previous post, I spoke about Happiness and Sadness as part of the 6 basic emotions.

Today, we are continuing with Fear and Disgust.

Fear 😰

Do you know this saying “Do one thing every day that scares you” ?
Besides the fact that I am not a huge fan of “poetic” sayings like these, I don’t have THAT many fears.

The ones that are worth mentioning, are a fear of height, of the dark and of pain.

Another type of fear is nervousness.
I used to be terribly nervous before an exam and even more so, to hear the result.
I was a very student and I wish I could have just accepted that instead of always striving for being the best. It’s not like all of that matters when you are in your 30s.

Though I am usually a bit awkward around people, a large part of my career I have spend teaching technical courses. I guess I am more comfortable speaking when it is about facts.

And then, there is anxiety.
Luckily we are living in an era where people are more aware of mental illnesses, but I still feel that actual understanding is lacking, especially at workplaces.
Most people just want the title of “manager”, but the actual responsibility of taking care of your team is less appealing.
And I don’t think hiring more female managers will solve this issues.
It is said that women show more empathy in general, but it just isn’t always possible in a business environment.

Disgust 🤢

I have been a vegetarian since the age of 9.
And, don’t worry, I am not trying to convert anyone in a vegan.
In fact, I wouldn’t even recommend it. Most likely you will end up with an iron inefficiency.

Me being a vegetarian was born out of pure disgust.
The house where I spend my childhood was very near a pig slaughter.
Every morning I would hear the poor animals scream and the smell was awful.

My sense of smell seems to be stronger than average anyhow.
If yours is too, here is a trick I have picked up from all the true crime books I read:
Detectives always carry a bottle of Vicks VapoRub with them in case they find a corpse. If you put a bit of it under your nose, the smell will be less intense. So I always do that when cooking!

Hygiene is something I value a lot.
I choose to remain living with my parents during university.
And even though the connections were really bad, I still preferred it over a nasty student flat.
It is no surprise either that I keep our apartment extremely clean and tidy.

But what disgusts me most of all is seeing how some people treat each other.
I can understand how some rude things can be said in the heat of a moment during an argument, but bullying someone “just because you can” is something I just can’t understand.

Do you have any fears?
What makes you nervous or gives you anxiety?

What do you find disguising?


  1. Once again Andrea, excellent post and pictures! 👏👏And very clever & insightful points on the fear and disgust emotions! 😁👍

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  2. Those illustrations are perfect, as always, Andrea–and I definitely understand about social awkwardness and anxiety. I’ve had several friends who have expressed similar concerns, and I sometimes feel the same way. It helps to know there are so many people who are trying to overcome those kinds of issues, though.

    In terms of fears and such, I think most of them right now have to do with worries about my loved ones getting hurt or losing them unexpectedly. It’s been rough, these past couple of years. But what really gets on my nerves are when people are cruel towards others.


  3. I have plenty of fears and many of them are just what others wouldn’t even consider. I had a fear of getting on a bus once (not a phobia). I had to work myself up to getting on a city bus in a strange new place and just letting it take me someplace else. I’ve had fears of leaving my house for the day because fuel is expensive and I should be at home making money. I always feel better when I challenge those fears. I get to push myself to new limits!


  4. Ah yes!
    As you are getting older, so do your relatives.
    I didn’t think about it as a child, but these days it is definitely a fear for me too.

    I know posts like these can get a bit emotional, but for the illustrations, I am having a lot of fun.
    Some of these characters are a bit older and I haven’t used them as much recently. So this is a good way to introduce them.
    I wonder if they could help for people with autism or those who have difficulty recognizing emotions.

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  5. I totally feel you.
    I have OCD myself and it is a very misunderstood illness. And when I think about it rationally, the fears seem silly. But then anxiety kicks in and I will be doing my entire routine to calm myself down.

    Challenging yourself is definitely brave!
    And it is something I have been trying to do as well with the help of medication.

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  6. I think they would be very helpful for anyone who wants to illustrate emotions in the best possible way. It feels like you could find some greater opportunities to do just that for people who need that extra help.

    Hehe. Despite my own concerns and worries, I am happy more than anything else. There is so much to do, as well as loved ones nearby. You’ve got to enjoy what you’ve got right now, after all. ^_^


  7. Sharky looks really scared. Poor him. But the lemon made me chuckle.

    I hear ya about the fears. I don’t think I have many. Though, it seems like I fear more as I get older. Life was so much easier when you were a kid and the idea of getting injured or dying did not even enter your radar. I was such a thrill-seeker back in the day!

    Public speaking was never a problem for me. Acting, giving presentations – I did it all. In front of many people. But being around a group of people… is not so easy. As you mentioned your teaching. I think it’s easier when ‘the floor is yours’ vs. when you have to wait your turn to speak, hope that nobody cuts in front of you, etc.

    My boss seems rather pragmatic, which I like, but they are also very much trying to be a good boss to their team. They want everyone to do their job well and not hate what they do every single day. I am really happy about that. I’m not one to complain about anything but during some group meetings, I’ve seen people express their anxiety, whine about the smallest of things, etc. and somehow, my boss manages to relate to them and makes them feel heard, which often diffuses the situation. I think that’s awesome because I often want to reach through the screen a punch people in the face for the things they say sometimes.

    I lived near a poultry processing plant at some point and the smell at certain times was terrible. I still eat chicken products 😉 But I definitely chose not to look too much into that place. Otherwise, I might have been vegetarian by now. I cannot imagine living without eggs and cheese, though.

    While I know about the Vicks trick, I’ve never actually used it. It’s interesting how the things you cook bother you. Do you close your nose when you eat, too?

    The owl is the one I associate with the most.

    Fear? The real ones are quite intangible – like being unhappy with my life as I die.
    Anxiety? The future. There are a lot of decisions to be made…
    Disgust? I think you hit the nail on the head – the way people treat one another.


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