6 basic emotions (part 1)

In 1970, psychologists have defined 6 basic emotions:

Happiness, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, Anger and Surprise.

Since the best part of doodling is giving these creature certain emotions, I thought this would be a fun opportunity to expand a little more on each emotion.
And of course, to draw them!

Since there are six basic emotions, I will spread them over 3 post.

Let’s start!


This is of course the best emotion out there!
Happiness can be expressed in many ways, but the first thing we think about is smiling and laughing.

J and I always jokingly argue about who out of the two of us is funnier.
And though I might have to agree that he deserves the first place, it is also true that I am an easier audience.
I am very easily entertained by a funny meme, video or just a random comment.
Practical jokes and sarcasm however, are not really for me.

When I am excited, you will notice that as well.
The book project I am organizing makes me very excited, but also smaller things like seeing my fish first thing in the morning gives me a burst of positive energy.

Others signs of happiness are not as “loud”.
Taking my first sip of coffee in the morning, a good book, relaxing and being with someone I like, also give me a lot of satisfaction.

The smug shark in the drawing represents my pride when I make a good comeback to someone who is being mean. That makes me grin from ear to ear as well.

And finally, sometimes I fantasize about that could never happen in real life.
Such as, I become a world famous illustrator and all the books I worked on suddenly become best sellers.
Hey, a girl can dream 😉


Just like I am easy for laughter, crying is something I at one point did daily.
Sometimes my OCD becomes too demanding, other times I feel lonely.
But what I really can’t stand is people are being unnecessarily mean.

I was bullied, both at school and at workplaces.
And the fact that I would ALWAYS start crying didn’t help my case.
I just couldn’t seem to help.

In the past I have also got some very mean comments on my drawings, which really hurt me.
Not necessarily because of pride, but I have said it so many times, drawing is one of the few things that keeps me sane.
And while I know that I shouldn’t pay attention, I just can’t help how much this affects me.

Though sadness is something we all want to avoid, it is OK to show your tears and be comforted by someone.
It is not a sign of weakness!

Do you easily show emotions?

What makes you happy? What makes you sad?


  1. These illustrations are beautifully done, Andrea. There are so many things to be happy about, and more than a few things that cause the tears to flow. Sorry to hear you’ve gotten some mean-spirited comments about your pictures in the past; I’ve found that sometimes when people are cruel or awful, it tends to reflect something they are venting onto others. It doesn’t make it right, though.

    But you are a true artist, continuing to push ahead and share your work despite any obstacles. Bravo for you!

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  2. Thank you, Andrea, for plumbing the depths of happiness and sadness through your characters. I appreciate your reflection on your experience of these. In our creative fields – yours with drawing, mine with writing – we explore and reveal our own personal experience of these. Thank you.

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  3. I like that you pointed out that being happy isn’t always displayed in a loud way. People will often assume that I am unhappy because I don’t jump up and down, talk loudly, and laugh. While I love to laugh, I am quite happy at times when I don’t necessarily show outward emotions.

    I’ve always found myself to be an easy laugh – any silly thing will crack me up. However, I’ve been finding it hard to find funny movies, which is kind of weird.

    Being unable to keep the tears at bay is a terrible thing. I know someone like that and they have a tough time because of that.

    Showing emotions? When I feel ‘free,’ I show my emotions quite easily. But, I’ve learned to control my emotional outbursts when I cannot be seen reacting – like at a workplace. Also, when I’m not fully myself, I hide my emotions as I don’t think the people around me deserve to see it.

    What makes me happy? A good tea, a good book, traveling, nature, bike rides. SO many things. What makes me sad? Terrible people.


  4. Excellent post Andrea! 😁👏 Love how you matched up the various illustrations with the respective emotions. ❤️😃👍


  5. Yes, the not being loud thing is something a lot of people don’t seem to understand. Nobody goes a whole day with a smile on your face, so even if you look cranky, you can still feel satisfied.

    I can’t really think of a funny film either, but when we watch one of those bad horror movie, Jasper makes such funny comments. And it gets even funnier when he uses our shark puppet to do it 😀

    Didn’t know you were into biking!

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  6. I understand. It’s happened for me as well, that means things people have done or said to me can still sting. But moving forward and continuing to do things we love is the best way to prove them wrong.

    Keep being your awesome self, in other words!


  7. I particularly like the happy reading guy – that’s me. Just because I’m not smiling, doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying myself.
    I also cry far too easily, which (as you correctly say) often made the bullying worse at school.
    Your drawings are fabulous. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


  8. Love this writing. Being bullied and told that our work is never gonna make it is something i can relate to. Emphatising with you and yes it hurts being treated like that. Hope you always get the courage to just keep doing. Little did you know, your drawing and/or writing may have encouraged someone in this bizzare world.


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