WordPress has gotten a lot less fun this week because of increasing amount of SPAM content!
Whenever I look for the a tag word that interests me, it’s bombarded by the same old articles, but each time a different web address.
I keep blocking these website, but then the same articles appear, just with a different name.

I will post a screenshot below of what these articles look like:

You can recognize them by the CAPITAL LETTERS in the title, the disabled “like” section and it contains something about essays and resume writing.
It is quite clearly a bot, because nobody has time to create 20 website an hour for an entire week!
I have send several messages to the WP admin team, but they don’t seem to care.

So, perhaps if you happen to come across this trash, it might be worth it to report it as SPAM.

WP doesn’t have a DISLIKE button, so I’ll create one for them 👇


  1. I so rarely search for other blogs that I haven’t seen this – but yeah that’s pretty bad. I tend to just pick up a new blog here and there over time – but then I’m not doing active research or anything at the moment.

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  2. I like this dislike button! They should use it as an official button on WP!
    This reminded me that I have not checked the Spam comments in a while… There was a time when I would get hundreds of them every day. And of course I had to scroll through all because among them there would be one or two real comments… Since I started posting less, the spam comments have decreased. Since I barely have time to catch up on the blogs I follow, I rarely search for anything. However, I remember doing so a few times in the past month or two and I noticed a similar thing. The theme was something else – but it was different pages, same topic. Ughhhr.


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