Bedtime Journeys (Inspired by Joyce)

Another wonderful poem inspired by Joyce:

Bedside Journeys

In this poem she talks about her favorite books and stories from her childhood.
Anything from Tom Sawyer and Winnie the Pooh to the mystery novels of Agatha Christie.

And who wouldn’t get inspired by that!?

Here is my visual interpretation of her poem:

For more wonderful poems and stories, follow her blog.

Her superpower, in my opinion, is the little author’s note she place before each story. It makes very personal.
So if you are planning to do the same, do give her the credit! 🙂



  1. This illustration is incredible. So lighthearted and whimsical. You’ve made my day all the brighter with your work. It’s just… wow! Thank you!


  2. Ah, thank you so much! I was going to ask you about that, actually, so I’m thrilled to have your permission to use them. I’ll go ahead and do that shortly. ^_^


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