Living with cats

Or at least, how I imagine it to be since I don’t have cats myself 😉

If you need illustrations for a story and like my drawing style, please send me an email so we can discuss it further!



  1. This happens at our house! I have an ereader because of my eyes. I will often have Gizzie climb in my lap to “help” me read!! It’s serious business, you know! 😼

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  2. Accurate! I have a cat on my lap right now and while she’s not trying to look at the screen, she is trying to grab my hand so she can groom my furs for me.

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  3. Oh, Michael. 😅 I’m just imagining the play bites and (not so playful) scratches from one little rascal looks like I got into it with a barbed wire fence, let alone 7 little rascals! You’ve designed a Kevlar onesie to hang out at home, I presume. 😆

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  4. There are various degrees of battle wounds, but we’ve gotten most of the feline friends to understand that claws are not welcome or necessary. Of course, cats will be cats and there is always the inevitable unintentional surgery on any available body part.

    Even the newest addition, a kitten approach 6 mos. has figured out that things go much smoother if claws are kept retracted. But… he’s a lovebug.

    It is, however, an absolute madhouse some days. “Herding cats” has new meaning with seven.

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  5. You’ve made me laugh with “battle wounds” and “unintentional surgery”. 🎯 On point descriptions.
    That’s great that you’ve been able to train them re: no claws necessary for human interactions (cats everywhere collectively laughing right now at the word “train”).
    If anyone ever masters “herding cats” I’ve got a feeling you’ll be top of the list.

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  6. You know, with enough incentive, I’ve had some luck “training” cats, which translates to: “Oh, you have a treat…. I GUESS I can do what you want”. High fives, minor tricks, “stop counter/table surfing” all usually stick. Getting them to come requires a can opener.


  7. Hahahah! That’s definitely what cat owners tell me. Whenever I would cat-sit for friends in the past, I had similar experiences. I hoped that they didn’t have cameras in the house because I had no problems with taking the cat off my computer and putting it on the floor until it got the message.

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  8. Unfortunately, I have no pets, but this simple adorable illustration evoked this warm fuzzy feeling inside me and I suddenly felt like a proud mom of three cats! It amuses me how society uses “crazy cat lady” as an insult when I can see no better situation. I really enjoy your illustrations, and as a fellow artist, it fascinates me to see other people’s styles. Perhaps one day you could host a “draw this in your style” challenge to see other artists’ renditions of the same piece of art! Small note: I relate to cats on a personal level 🙂


  9. I have cats, and let me tell you, this is a pretty accurate portrayal of my life with them. The next step in this story is them getting up on to the laptop and romping around it so that my screen looks like an alien was typing in their secret coded language.


  10. Oh, what a great idea! I would love to host something like that!
    I have also been thinking to invite authors to choose one of my drawings and write a short story or poems and then the collection of it all could go into a book.

    But with these things I am always scared that nobody is up for it 😅

    If I was an animal, I’d be cat 😄


  11. That’s a wonderful idea! You should go for it and I think participation would ensue! As an author I would love to participate!

    I’d be a cat too, most probably, the resemblance is uncanny. I find lizards quite cool, not sure if I relate to them though


  12. (I have to restrain myself from inserting a cat picture.) Mine is a handful. She’s more rough and tumble like a puppy, but that illustration isn’t far off.


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