Scarlett Jones and the Pesky Pirate is out now!

I love posting random funny drawings on the blog, but what really makes me happy is doing illustrations for children’s books!
Especially when it is part of a series and the characters feel like my friends.
Therefore, I am very excited to announce that the 4th Scarlett Jones book has just been published.

As always, it is wonderfully written by Francis Lewis, who by now is definitely my favorite children’s book author!
It is intended for children between the age of 2 and 6, but I think it is enjoyable for any age!

Every page is accompanied by a funny illustration!

If you want, you can purchase Scarlett Jones and the Pesky Pirate right now on Amazon!

Below is a short description of the characters!

Scarlett Jones

Scarlett is an absolute gem!
She funny, fearless , adventurous and kind. Not entirely flawless, but she admits to her mistakes and learns from it. What’s more, she uses it make other situations better.
She is the best friend we all want in our life! It doesn’t matter that I am 25 years her senior!


Granny is an inventor and has this Super Amazing and Secretive shed full of her inventions. The best one is the old telephone that can transport you to anywhere you like!
And if Scarlett ever gets into trouble, she can just use the phone to call Granny for advice.


Shelley is a mermaid with beautiful blue hair.
She is the happy go lucky type who loves taking care of her fishy friends and play with them.
That’s why Scarlett is concerned when she suddenly bursts out in tears!

Captain Gunwhale

The reason why Shelley cries so much is exactly because of Captain Gunwhale.
He stole all the fish in the ocean!
Is he just being pesky or is there a reason for him to do that?
Can Scarlett save this situation?!


Sharks are supposed to be scary and chase after the bad guys.
But this Shark is a little more laidback.
His hobbies include going to the spa and signing in the band.


  1. I like the character preview – it allows us to get to know the characters better.
    It will be interesting to see the shark in a bit of a different role.


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