Would you rather….?

If you need illustrations for a story and like my drawing style, please send me an email so we an discuss it further!




  1. Just what I was thinking. Koala-flavoured cake (with whatever it picked up in its hair) could be quite disgusting. Both pictures are incredibly cute, though.

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  2. Very cute illustrations but I think a koala surprising me with a cake would be rather special! I am rather partial to koalas having grown up with “Blinky Bill”. Love your work.

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  3. I’m becoming dependent on these morning smiles I get from your drawings. That’s really cool. Thank you.

    Since I like both – cake and koalas, I’d rather have a koala surprise me with a cake. There would be no cake if the animal jumped out of a cake.

    The idea of people hiding in cakes is… an interesting one. I wouldn’t mind such a surprise, but I definitely don’t think it’s something I’d ask for.

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  4. Just like I am dependent on your NROPs 😄
    Actually I drew a doodle based on it recently. But it probably needs a scenery, so I will have to think about it.

    I made this one in a bit of a rush tbh.
    I have two other projects going on atm, but I do want to continue posting a doodle a day. He hardest part is thinking of a witty concept.

    Hah. Like everyone else, you prefer a koala baking you a cake.
    I personally prefer the koala jumping out of the cake so I can cuddle him. That is definitely on my bucket list 😄

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