Alt+F4 gone wrong

If you need illustrations for a story and like my drawing style, please send me an email so we an discuss it further!



  1. This adorable picture reminds me of an actual incident from college: a friend of mine with BIG, beefy fingers sat at his computer one day; proclaimed, “power on!”‘; and proceeded to slam his forefinger straight through the power button INTO his computer.

    Needless to say, he had to order some new parts. : D

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  2. Funny. I remember pointing to something on my sibling’s computer a couple of years back and the screen scrolled. I was freaked out for a moment before I realized that it was a touchscreen. My work computer has that option, too, and it’s annoying when I try to follow something with my finger and touch it by accident. I guess I should just remember what my mom told me – don’t touch the screen! (because it will be dirty)

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  3. Haha.
    Great question! This one was easy, since it is based on my impatience with IT 😅
    But I actually keep a list with animals and emotions. And then I mix and match and hopefully can think of a witty title or situation.
    Or I’d google puns.
    But it is getting a bit challenging!!

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