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If you need illustrations for a story and like my drawing style, please send me an email so we an discuss it further! However, please read the Work with me FAQ



  1. You know those ‘motivational’ quotes and stuff people post on a daily basis? I think your drawings do the job better – they are quick to digest and they are bound to put a smile on my face. I appreciate that.


  2. That is so amazing to hear, Goldie.
    I have said it before, and I will say it again: drawing is one of the few things that keep me sane in this mess of a world. And if it can do the same to others, that is an added bonus.

    This particular drawing was a visual representation of the post about the symbiotic relationship of fish. I was wondering if people could make the link with the story about the shark and cleaner wrasse.

    But it also based on my own situation:
    1. We bought a Wrasse last weekend. Not a cleaner, but a different sort. He is still a baby, but such a happy and cute fish 😀

    2. My tooth broke off last week, so I called every dentist under the sun to see if they can do an emergency procedure. Today is the day!

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  3. You know how I think of medical “professionals “, , but I have only had amazing experiences with dentist.
    They have only ever tried to comfort and tell me all the steps they would do in a calm matter.
    I guess that is because people are afraid of the dentist procedures. I am not at all, it is just uncomfortable.

    Are you

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  4. I used to hate going to the dentist because of the pain they would cause me. It was torture. But, since I found doctors who actually numb you up, I actually quite like it. I get to lay there and do nothing for a while, so I relax.


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