Food combinations

Peanut butter and jelly.

Pasta and cheese.

Salt and pepper.

Strawberry and cream.

Pancakes and syrup.

All foods that in general amplify each other’s taste.

One that I really like, and unfortunately only have been able to find in Germany, is: Kiba, which is a mix of cherry (kirsch) and banana juice.

What foods do you like together? Any odd one?

J likes to mix mayonnaise and ketchup and very strange one to me is cucumber and peanut sauce 🧐



  1. My brother made a good one:
    Burgers and fries!
    Don’t know if this qualifies…but is cute anyway. You should draw a picture of a super hero duo: burger and fries. Or peanut butter and jelly🤔
    So cool that you’ve been to Germany!


  2. Cherry and banana? Sounds weird. I like apple and mint juices. Like J, I also mix ketchup and mayo. Makes perfect sense. Cucumber and peanut… weird…


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