1. Shared it on Twitter with some trending hashtags. Though I don’t think I’m popular enough to get you much traffic. But I do try, at least 😛

    Like Brooke mentioned – cute and on-point.

    I like the ‘take a bath’ drawing the most this time around. Not sure why exactly… maybe because like the first one – it doesn’t show the shark in its entirety. Instead, just plays on our imagination senses. Or maybe because I see the fin and I wonder whom the shark is going to attack.


  2. Hi! I just want to tell you that your illustrations are adorable and amazing. I definitely CANNOT draw that well, so I thought I should tell you how much I love your drawings. Also, I actually use Sketchbook a lot on my iPad, too. It really is a great app! Keep up the great work🥳


  3. That’s so sweet! However I’m absolutely TERRIBLE at drawing. If I do, though, I’ll let you know! Thank you!


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