Nala’s village, story by Ariana

Today I have another drawing inspired by Ariana’s story.

Nala’s village paints a very whimsical picture and I kept on imagining a Medieval scenery while reading it. But I also wanted to keep some modern elements in it.

So my initial idea is to make medieval part in Black&white and the other parts in color:

But most people around me thought the picture in full color looked better:

I think is a great example of how we all differ in taste.
And I would love to hear what your opinion is!

If you have a story or book that needs illustrations and you like my style, please do reach out so we can discuss it further!


  1. I think the full color village is better from a storytelling standpoint: as the village is, essentially, the centerpiece of the story, you want to bring it to life—just like the characters! I see what you’re going for with the B&W village, but it seems to come across as a bit too drab.

    Perhaps as different parts of the village are highlighted, the buildings could gain color, letting them “pop” to life.

    Regardless, it’s a very cute village, and it looks like it would be fun to explore!


  2. Coloring for me is the most challenging part of doing illustrations. Especially when it has as many elements as this drawing.

    It does show how important communication is though! Many customers seem to be too shy to tell me if there is something they don’t like about a drawing, while I keep stressing the point that even the smallest details are quite easy to change when it comes to digital drawing 😄

    But yes, I would move to this village in an instance! 😊 I am not much of a city person

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  3. I like your idea behind it. However, it might for those that don’t know the backstory.

    The best part about this one is the amount of detail! There is SO much going on in this drawing. Very cool!


  4. The black and white background allows the characters and story scene (I’m guessing) stand front and center. All color seems super busy on my eyes. Love the drawing though!


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