What is your music style?

One of the things I used to be terrified of is that someone would see my music playlist.
Some people would say that your music taste reveals your personality. And truth to be told, if your playlist consists of Nicky Minaj and Doja Cat, I might not think highly of you.
Which is unfair, because whenever I decide to exercise, “Pound the Alarm” is “mah jam”.

As child/teenager, I would sing along with N*sync and Britney Spears. Not growing up in a native English speaking country, I would shamelessly sing along without a clue what the song was about.
Luckily, my parents don’t speak English either, so it wasn’t an embarrassing situation.
Only at an older age my cheeks would turn red when I realized what the 10 year old me was actually singing about.

The truth is, most of today’s music is quite repetitive, the lyrics are horrible and the music videos burn my eyes.
In other words, it’s trash.

But even trash can be useful sometimes, since biogas companies convert it into energy 😉

J, my other half, mainly listens to indie artists and the mellow type of music.
Which really seems to suit his personality, since is a quiet and calm soul.
But sometimes, I even catch him listening to a completely unexpected song.

If my music taste should say anything about me, it would probably say that I was born in the wrong era.
My most listened to songs originate from the 70s and 80s.
Beegees, Queen, Beatles, UB40.

However, I would have been too conservative for the hippie movement .

I am no longer ashamed to admit that I sometimes do listen to “fast food music”.
Though, never on loud speaker 😉

Though, ever since I discovered audiobooks, my music interests have decreased.
However, don’t get me even started on the quality of some books 😒😉

Does your music style describe your personality?
Do you even think that it is a thing?

Do you ever listen to “fast food music”?


  1. “Fast food music?” I like that name! It suits it perfectly.
    I listen to all sorts of different music (well, not ALL), but I do mainly go back to the 70s and 80s. I have to admit that since I’ve stopped commuting to work on a regular basis, I have no idea what new songs are out. I don’t listen much to music anymore these days now that I don’t have to drive for hours or tune out noisy co-workers.

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  2. I can relate to this blog. Thanks for sharing. My music fits my personality as well as my era is The 80s and 90s. I love everything to do with soul, r&b, and love, romance music. This is who I am. Just a man who loves–love. Moreover, to share love. I am glad I’m not alone.


  3. I barely ever listen to the radio, I can’t stands the commercials. So I also have no clue who is popular these days.

    We’re you allowed to have headphones on at work?
    Most of my managers made such a huge deal of it. But colleagues chatting to each other about nothing work related for an hour is perfectly fine.
    Shotgun, please!

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  4. Interesting post! I love listening to Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton, and Elvis Presley. All my friends think that I am old school, but I also believe that modern songs are ‘trash’.


  5. Oh, I listened to my radio without headphones. Usually my radio could not be heard by anyone but me. Unless, my co-workers got too loud – then I cranked it up as a hint but they didn’t seem to care. Whenever I listened to something through headphones, I had to constantly pull them out because phones rang and people stopped by to talk.

    I agree with you – isn’t that just mindboggling? I was at the office the other day and the walls there are so thin. Mine shares a wall with the break room. OMG. For an hour straight they were screaming and laughing. I mean, c’mon. Don’t you know how to act?


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