Revamp of my blog

I have never been much of a procrastinator.
I get a certain satisfaction from ticking off my To Do List.
But the one thing that I have been avoiding and postponing is polishing my website.
I am not great at this type of design and I have a love/hate relationship with WordPress.

But since I have been taking my blog more serious and talking about the books I worked on, it was only fair to honor the amazing authors I have worked with!

So, I finally started up my old and slow laptop and with a lot of patience got things done!

This is a pretty accurate representation of me trying get to my laptop to work.

An overview of the books and the authors can be found here:


If you would like to get a children’s book published and like my drawing style, please do send me an email at

Also, if you like a coloring page of my already existing drawings on this blog, I can post that too!

Other than that, many thanks for your constant support.
It makes me feel a bit more optimistic about my career switch from an engineer to an illustrator! 😊



  1. Dear Andrea, I hope you don’t mind my comment. But… I liked your previous website far more! It had a sense of warmth, and I enjoyed surfing through it.
    Anyhow, many congratulations to you!


  2. Not a problem at all!
    Preferences differ.
    I was mainly annoyed that the previous theme used didn’t have the menu on top. Other than that, the background color changed and the published books part is updated.
    I probably change it at one point again. Sometimes I just need some change 😁


  3. Great doodles to go with this post. Kudos to you for making it happen. I’d add a menu for the coloring pages, too. Title it something like freebies. I know other bloggers that do that.


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