Either the most beloved or most hated word for content creators.
Yet, both have their pro’s and cons.

Back in the day, when I was a blogger who posted actual written content, I didn’t want anything to do with a niche.
At that time, I felt an urge to share many experiences, opinions and sides of myself.
I certainly did not want to be tied to one topic!
I wrote about anything, from mental health struggles to “funny for you, embarrassing for me” moments of my life.

In my experience, this resulted in a much higher comment rating.
Since there was a variety of topics I wrote about, people would often relate to more than a few of them.
And this, at times, could end up in heated discussions 😉

Content creators with a niche are often more factual.
They do express their opinions, but often don’t go too deep into it.
Resulting in much “cleaner” and “happier” content.
Because, you can’t really tell whether they had a shitty day from a recipe or product review only.

It is one of the reasons why I nowadays prefer to post content within my niche.
Apart from a few, I get no nasty comments.
But at the same time, I barely get any comments at all.
Which I do understand.
There is only so much you can comment on a drawing.

Sometimes I do miss pouring out my heart on the blog.
And at times, I even write an entire post about it.
However, I do often end up deletingit, because it could distract from this “clean” and “happy” image that I created.

Anyhow, if you haven’t noticed or are new on my blog, I post drawings often intended for children’s books.
Not an easy niche for me, since I have no children of my own or have had any contact with children.
I don’t think I am great with children either.
Sometimes, when a child stares at me, I pull a funny face.
I swear I see the child thinking “Mommy, why is this creepy lady scaring me”. Hahah.

Also, I cannot relate to the life of parents.
This is something my other half and I have decided not to peruse.
Therefore, I struggle a lot to make myself known within the intended target group.
(Any advice is welcome!)

So, why this niche, you might wonder.
That is a funny story.
About a decade ago, I had a huge crush on my neighbor.
Feelings that were no reciprocated.
But, since we shared a kitchen and living room, he was hard to ignore.
One day, I joined him at the dinner table with my drawing equipment.
He glanced a look and said “Those drawings are childish!”.

Gone was the crush 😄
But it did make me think.
If my drawings are childish, well, let it be for children then!

Yet, what is an illustrator without an author? 😉
So as always, if you are open for a collaboration, don’t hesitate to send me an email!
I have been involved in a few very cool projects this year, but I think I am working too fast for my own good, haha.
So I am always looking for more!

For more information, send me an email on:

Thank you,



  1. You’ve finally found your niche!
    I was thinking of an idea today that I would like to involve you in. However, soon thereafter, I realized that I am coming up with way too many ideas recently and I’m sure I won’t have enough time to do half of it. So, I figured I’d only reach out when I would be done once I finish the writing portion of it (which I imagine would probably take a year). So, forget I said anything at all. Do tell me though which animal is your favorite one to draw.


  2. Hahaha.
    Well, I reckon that in a year nothing much will have changed, so my answer will be the same as now: I’ll DO IT!
    I somehow finsihed illustrating two 26+pages books in 3 weeks! So when I finally think I am busy, it’s already over, haha.

    I think I like sea creatures the most, fish and sharks mainly 😀


  3. I love the story of how you turned the “childish” comment to your advantage! I’ve personally been feeling a bit of pressure with the niche thing.

    Although you may not relate to children on a verbal level, your superpower is communicating with them via drawings!

    I’m pretty sure there are plenty of adults who also LOVE your pictures! 😍


  4. Right?! In the end I am thankful for his comment. 😁

    These days you see plenty of adults with a funny cartoon character on their tshirt. Maybe that will be my “on the side” niche, haha.

    I completely understand the pressure with niche as I feel it too sometimes!


  5. It’s funny how life works out like that sometimes!

    That’s so true haha! You could have other merch like mugs and notebooks!

    I’m so glad you posted this, it feels better to hear other writers feel the same way


  6. Andrea, that was such a good post with your clear observations of yours and other’s reactions about the drawings vs writings. This year i wrote books for the first time, and related to the niche, for the back covers experts suggest writing about what the reader will gain—which felt funny to write about, like appealing to a niche. But once i got my brain around that i found it valuable and gratifying.


  7. I am glad you liked it!
    I sometimes wonder which platform is for us, artists. Blogging is more for writers, Twitter is for short news updates and Instagram seems to be more for models these days 😅

    Great that you started writing! Keep it going!

    Liked by 1 person

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