Louie the Llama corn is out now!!

The first time my other half and I went to a hockey game in Canada, was still in the first stages of our relationship.
We were only getting to know each other.
He got to know that I have a fear of heights.
(I never expected a hockey stadium to be that large!)
But when I dared to move my head out of my paralyzed state, I saw that look in his eyes.

Happiness, regret and even slight bitterness.
The same look I have when I see the black and white tiles of a chessboard.
The look of knowing that your childhood dream never came true.

Both of us choose the “sensible” thing.
He works in finance and I became an engineer.

That is, until 1.5 year ago I decided to make a career switch and make my late 20s dream come true and become an children’s book illustrator!

And in the last few months I have been feeling especially blessed to work with Matilda!
She is only 10 years old and has been brave enough to make the first step in making her dream come true!
She wrote the amazing story of Louie the Llama-corn and I was immediately inspired.

Here are the cover and blurb:

You can now purchase the paperback and ebook on Amazon!





Both Matilda and I appreciate any feedback and want to thank every buyer for helping us making our dream come!

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