There are a few ways to make your blog (more) noticeable.
And I was thinking to dedicate the next few posts to some blogging strategies.
And I do mean discussing, because I don’t have the golden advice at all!
I can only share my own experiences from a few years of managing different blogs.

So, let’s start with a very powerful tool:
The #hashtag 😉

Different social medias have different rules on hashtags.

Pinterest encourages you to not use hashtags at all, but rather write a good description of your post.
Twitter only allows an X amount of characters, so you have to be careful and creative with how you construct your post.
Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post.
And from what I read on the WordPress site, there is no actual hashtag limited, but they do advice you to not use too many or your post will get lost somehow, preventing it from anyone to find it.

“Not too many” sounds pretty vague to me.
I think I try to use between 10 and 15 hashtags per post.

How many hashtags do you use on WP per post?

I will admit that not all of the hashtags I use are relevant to my post.
I use them because they are popular.
Such as #writing, #blog and #books.

And you can’t blame me entirely, because I have #written a #book and a #blog or two. 😉

Some other things I struggle with are:

Should I use the singular or plural form? (#book or #books?)

When I promote my book, am I a #writer or #author?

Are my drawings #art, #illustrations, or #doodles?
Or should I, rather than to describe my drawings, describe myself as an #artist or #illustrator?

You can see how all these different words for the same thing can easily fill up the hashtag area.
By the time you have used all those generic terms, is there is even space for the topic that your blog is actually about?

Another silly question:
Does the order of the hashtags matter?

What are your thoughts and experiences of hashtags?

Let me know in the comments !

11 replies to “#hastags

  1. I was hoping for a few more responses, haha. Bloggers help bloggers type of thing.
    Because I am also curious to find out. Perhaps there will be more information later 🙂


  2. I believe 15 (including both tags and categories) is the max before the… weirdness, and so I use the same amount you do, about 10-15. Personally, I only use ones relevant to the specific post, but then, popularity isn’t a specific aim of mine.
    I could be wrong, but as the plural includes the original word, I’m thinking the plural might be better for search purposes.
    And yes, synonyms are a pain. I write poetry, so many of the tags that I use are emotions — it’s kind of funny how long I can spend debating whether I should use, say, “sadness” or “despair” or “sorrow” or “despondency.” When I’m unsure, I usually pick out two with connotations closest to what I’m aiming for. But of course, my tagging habits aren’t necessarily the most sensible or reliable.


  3. I am of the opinion that is also good to use popular hashtags because that’s where people will most likely search for new posts/bloggers.

    It would make so much sense what you say about the plural, but from my own research, this doesn’t seem to be the case, which makes things just very complicated unfortunately!

    Ha yes, synonyms are both wonderful and a pain in the ass.

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  4. You know I have no clue about any of this. I think WP said something about 12 or 13 so I usually keep it around that number, but I have a feeling that the tags I use aren’t used or searched by others. What I’ve been wondering for the longest of times is how hashtags work on WP – I mean I use tags but should I use ‘blogging’ or ‘#blogging’? Should I use ‘How to get rich’ or ‘HowToGetRich’???

    I think hashtags are full of shi-. I mean, yes, sometimes, when people are bored, they look for new content using some hashtags, but, most of the time, they will engage with those they are already following. Example – I posted something on LinkedIn with some rather popular hashtags. There was very minimal response (like one or two) after a week. Then, I had someone post a stupid poll with no hashtags and receive 10 responses within 10 minutes…….. No… I’m not bitter 😀

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  5. Makes sense. To each their own. 🙂

    You’re kidding! Ugh. Well then, I guess you could ask yourself what your instinct would be if you were to do a search — would you type book or books?


  6. Oh Christ, you made my worries about hashtags even worse 😅 I am not going to give any advice on the things you said, because it are only assumptions.

    I wonder what would happen if you would no hashtags at all. Only your followers could see your post? Or it just disappears into the abyss?

    I think hashtags are shi-, but I would still encourage people to use it.
    And actually, I do follow some hashtags: anything children’s books related, anything illustrations related and thriller related books.

    Ah LinkedIn. The “professional” network 😏

    I am not bitter either 😉

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  7. Hmmm… good question. When it comes to WP, I think if you got no tags, it would still go by categories… but it would really make it less visible.

    Hahahah. Yea. Like with Twitter, I only go on LinkedIn once in a while and am reminded why I never stuck around. 1. There’s a lot of personal/motivational stuff (i.e. selfies and ‘if you want it you can get it’). 2. There’s a lot of politics (Trump is terrible vs. Trump is great). 3. There is A LOT of stuff being posted (ex.: a professional magazine posts 10 times a day – SERIOUSLY?!). I just can’t keep up! It’s my desire to start writing some professional articles on a regular basis, but that would be yet more time that I would spend on something no one would read because they prefer a photo with five words…

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  8. Once upon a time, in a land far away, someone mentioned that after five #, WordPress hates it. I heard that it ignores them. So, I try to limit the number I use, the result being I end up being repetitious. Maybe it’s time to be a rebel?


  9. Only 5! 😱
    You know what, I will try it out. It doesn’t make sense that I put my heart and soul in every drawing and it ends up getting lost in the abyss!
    Thanks for the input!

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  10. Let me know. You’ve inspired me to try the app, though I’m stumped by changing fill colour lol


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