October in Doodles

October has always been my favourite month.
First reason is that the summer has definitely come to an end!
Now I do realize it is more common for people to have the winter blues, so I promise to make my doodles extra cozy and funny in these darker days! 😉

I guess the reason for not liking the summer is because everything seems to stand still.
I didn’t necessarily liked going to school, but 1.5 month of sitting at home was just too much.
Likewise, when I had a job, most people would go on vacation (unlike me) and I would just be so bored.
Anyone else who feels like this?

Other than that, summers in the West and North of Europe aren’t the pleasant type of heat. Rather the humid and stick type. Ugh.

This month has also been great on terms of published books!
Two books I collaborated on are out on the market:

Scarlett Jones and the Haunted House features the girl in the red coat.
This book is a series and by now, she really does feel like my best friend. 🙂
This time, she is going one a spooky adventure meeting all kinds of Halloween creatures and even cheer up a sad vampire!
Check it out on Amazon 🙂

Pete the little Pumpkin features the patched pumpkin. Though this is not Pete, the main character, it was my personal favourite character.
Curious? Check it on Amazon!

Halloween is not really a big thing over here, but the stores do feature some fun decorations.
Personally, I collect funny earrings and I got a few Halloween ones which look very cool!

On the more negative side, as soon as the “O” appears in the month, I will end up with a cold and this year has been no difference. But the many cups of tea are very soothing 😉

How has your October been? 🙂


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  1. Fun illustrations! I love October’s weather, as the heat and humidity finally ease off and are replaced by crisp days. And, of course, the leaves changing color are beautiful — and it’s lovely to see them fall while I’m on my walks.


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