Scarlett Jones and the Haunted House is out now!!

Hello dear readers!

After the success of our first book, Frances and I have decided to send Scarlett on a new adventure!

So put on your favourite hoodie, grab you pumpkin spice latte and settle down with this new spooky story!

Scarlett visits her Granny again and this time gets magically transported to a Haunted House where she meets Vlad, the vampire.
But he seems more sad than spooky!
And it’s nearly Halloween.
Oh no!

Together with her new friends Gary the Ghost, Bony the Skeleton and Princess Furrbal the Werewolf, Scarlett will have to come up with a plan to save Halloween.
Will she be in time and how will she achieve that….?

The book is currently available as an Ebook on the Kindle:

Amazon COM:

Amazon UK:

Or if this doesn’t work, you can always search on either of these search terms:
Frances Lewis
Andrea Benko
Scarlett Jones

It has a red cover, you can’t miss it 😀

Epic fail at showing that red cover 😉

If you prefer a printed copy, this will be available very soon as well.
I will keep you updated!

10 replies to “Scarlett Jones and the Haunted House is out now!!

  1. I was shocked when I checked my feed and saw so many posts of yours. New publications! That’s awesome. I laughed when you said ‘red cover’ and then posted a B&W photo. But, I did appreciate the skeleton earrings.


  2. I guess you are still not able to come back to WP?
    While I have been on a roll lately.
    Scarlett Jones is perfect series material and I guess we are going to cover most festivities, so you can probably guess the next theme 😉 And I will make sure to wear appropriate earrings for that launch too!
    I was slightly disappointed that nobody noticed the earrings, but I just knew that you would 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Not at this time. My schedule is getting crazier and crazier. I hope things will settle a bit next month as a major project closes. However, I’m sure a new one will start…


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