Searching for a Social Media Manager

Hello everyone

It’s a while and unfortunately I have to use the same old cliche: I have been a bit busy 😉
I am lucky enough to be working on a couple of book projects, of which two are an Autumn theme, so they should be out pretty soon.

Also, J and me have been on a mini break in Germany.
Unfortunately, they still demand the face mask.
Has anyone noticed how not hygienic these are?!
I haven’t seen this much acne on my face since my teenage years!
Also, the country is in the voting phase.
Politics is another topic I don’t care too much about.
But, we were lucky with the weather and we got to go on a few mountain hikes which was great 🙂

Anyhow, you know how you make all these new goals for yourself during a vacation?
I know I made a few!

One of them being to elevating my Doodles to something more serious.
And I hate to admit it, but I think that Social Media is my only way out.

Social Media and marketing is not for me.
I prefer to remain in the background.
 I need someone to do this task for me.

And that could be you!
So this collaboration would work like this:

The job title is Social Media Manager (or any other fancy title you prefer).

You will create a Social Media for me. That can be any media you prefer, but I think Instagram or perhaps Twitter might work the best for this purpose.

Every Sunday I will send you 7 drawings including text and popular hashtags, which you will post on a daily basis.
Other than that you will do some engaging within the art community (liking, following and commenting).
Somewhere in the bio we need to make clear that I do commissions and if people are interested in a personalized drawing they can send a DM.

Unfortunately, my wallet doesn’t allow to pay you upfront, but for each earned commission, you will get 30% of the earnings.

Some artists charge 5 dollars per drawing, some customers are willing to 250 dollars for one simple drawing, so let’s evaluate per case what we can charge.

I am pretty much open for any project within my style of drawing, which is pretty obvious from those already on my site.
So that could be illustrations for children books, a colouring page or drawings  on apparel.

I do want to do this for real, so I need someone who has knowledge of and interest in Social Media.
It could potentially earn you some money, so perhaps students, people in between jobs or stay at home parents could be a good fit.
If you are interested, I would really like to hear from you on my email address:

A small (or long) introduction about yourself is all I need and I will return that favour.

Thank you in advance!

13 replies to “Searching for a Social Media Manager

  1. There are apps you can use to schedule all of your posts on different social media platforms. They cost less than paying commission. You will have to devote an hour or so a day to engage. I am mentioning it in case you don’t get volunteers. Good luck.


  2. Ah yes, thanks for reminding me about those.
    I can use those for posting, but not for interacting (liking, following, commenting) I assume. It is that part I am trying to avoid….🤒


  3. I mean, not for the personal things like reading and writing comments and blog posts, but all the little behind-the-scenes tasks that come along with it!


  4. I hope so too.
    I thought it could even be a thesis topic for student.
    There is a lot of research that can be done on social media.
    Are students usually paid for an internship in the US?

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