7 replies to “Just a regular day

  1. Hahahah! This can be viewed as different things. Is the computer acting weird? Freezing up? Blue screen? Or does the content make you so angry. Whichever it is, I think it’s done well. It makes me think it’s the first because the face is not amused.


  2. The first 😉
    I can barely even get to the content because of these problems.
    I can type about 2 words before it freezes again (that’s why it takes so long to answer your email).
    I went from severe impatience to this unimpressed face.

    I think everyone can relate to this drawing 😄

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  3. Because it is!
    But I think officially he is yellow and if I am correct, it is a Goby fish. I have two of those and they are my favorite fish. And they look as grumpy and unimpressed in real life 😁

    I am a HUGE spongebob fan btw, it always cracks me up.
    I identify as Squidward haha

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  4. Everyday when I have to take online classes for long then my laptop face the same and my face look like you shared. Well shared 😁😁😁😁🌹


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