Children book authors wanted for an underwater themed book

In my post Children book authors wanted I announced I was looking to collaborate with people. Your story and my drawings are ready to take of the world, or something ambitious like that 😉

I was lucky enough to had people responding to my post and we are achieving great results, but I am always hungry for more 😄

This time I would like to make a proposal for a topic. It is one of those things I am most fascinated with: the deep blue ocean!

Hear is the deal:

This is supposed to be a children’s picture book, so we only need a few sentences per pages. Let’s say 7 to 15 pages.

It can be educational or just cute, but we want to make young readers and their parents smile.

You will be the writer and I will be the illustrator, but I am always happy to hear your feedback 🙂

We will self publish on Amazon and share 50/50 whatever we earn, so it would be great if you have social media accounts to promote it on since I have none (and really want to stay away from it).

Here are a few underwater characters you might get inspired by:

If you have a fun idea, let me know in the comments or email me:

Thank you


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