Writers for children books wanted!

Have you you always wanted to write a children’s book?

Are you good with promoting the self published material on social media?

Then I am searching for you! 🙂

I have self published two children’s books now and I would like to do more, but I am not great at writing and the social media thing.

But I do love to draw!

My style might not be for everyone, but if you do like what you see, perhaps we could start a project together.

I have many characters, which can be found on my site. But if you have a suggestion for new ones, I am very open to hear about it!

I just want to stay away from very sensitive topics, but anything educational and showing kindness would be great.

Whatever money we earn from sold books, will be divided 50/50.

If you want to give it a try, email me on: skepticalvalentino@hotmail.com

thank you,


9 replies to “Writers for children books wanted!

  1. 1. I think the reason why your email wasn’t working is because the address you shared in the post does not seem to be complete.

    2. Is the bumble bee a new doodle? Looks good.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 1. Oh dear. That’s not even an email address. No wonder it didn’t work. I will change it.

    2. Thank you! It’s a few months old, but I guess I didn’t use it before.
    It seems I like to use the shark doodles the most on here.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Hey Fran! I lost all your emails, including your email address.
    Could you re-send the latest “split” document? Also I’ve got some new stuff to you show you 🙂


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