1000 followers+ exciting news!

Dearest readers,

Today I reached 1000 followers.

This probably doesn’t seem like a lot in a world that is largely influenced by Gen Z, but for a millennial like me, it’s huge! 
And therefore, I want to thank everyone who has supported my little space on the internet by following, liking, commenting or sharing.
It really does mean a lot to me!

Drawing is one of my absolute favorite things to do.
At the same time, it has helped me coping with my mental health and I hope it could do the same for you!
Or in the very least, put a smile on your face ðŸ™‚

In the beginning of this year, I decided to take the “big” jump and self-publish two children’s books:
Published books – Emotion Doodles (wordpress.com)
That’s when I knew I could do this for the rest of my life and never get bored. 

Well… in all fairness, I am not much of a writer.
So, the universe must have been on my side when they sent John (at Mr. Ormsby At Large) my way.

John has an amazing way with words. 
His stories and poems will make you laugh, shout out “that’s clever!” and occasionally wipe away a tear.

When he asked me to collaborate on a book, I didn’t have to think twice.
And so far, it has been the best teamwork I have ever experienced.
It might be because of our different field of expertise. 
Or maybe because of our similarities (international background, teaching in a STEM field, same dedication and work ethics).
Whatever it is, it works! ðŸ™‚

While we don’t have an exact timeline when the book will be published, we do want to give you a teaser so you have something to look forward to 😉

Here are 5 of the poems & illustrations which will be part of the book:

Alpha Mail

Cat Nip

Game of Cones

Alcohol On You Later


And while you’re there, go follow The Talented Mr. Ormsby.
You won’t regret it! 

Thank you


16 replies to “1000 followers+ exciting news!

  1. Hey there! I am so glad I found your blog😃 Congratulations on hitting 1000+ now I am following you too! As a book reviewer, I am looking forward to your new book!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How the heck do you do that? I swear! You create a new blog every year and get more followers than some blogs that are YEARS old (*cough cough*). Good job 🙂
    I will check your collab right away.

    Liked by 1 person

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