Pokerface – winner

A few posts ago, Sharky, Mr. Donut and Benny went to the casino to play a game of poker.
All had a pretty impressive pokerface, but only one can be the winner, right?

Not in Doodle-land!
Everyone is a winner in this magical world 😉
(Also because I felt like drawing all 3 of them 😀 )
But, let’s see how each character enjoy their fortune!
Who is your favorite?

Sharky the Shark
Mr. Donut
Benny the Bear


  1. This is a surprise about everyone having a winning poker face! I like Mr. Donut’s sunglasses, but I really like Sharkey’s laid-back attitude — so I’m picking him as my favorite 🙂


  2. One point to team donut!
    What flavor donut do you like? Personally I stay away from pink donuts and prefer green apple or chocolate.
    Does the US have Tim Hortons?

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