The little mermaid

I barely ever draw humans.
Partly because I don’t have the skills.
Partly due to fear of accidently offending someone.
There are so many hair colors and skin tones out there, it is hard to include them all.

Usually I would go with what I am exposed to the most.
Due to my Balkan roots, I do have the dark features, but living too long in Northern European reveals my “vitamin D deficiency” skin.

But today I am taking steps in the right direction.
Half woman, half fish, but in a few different colors:

And if you’re up to it, you can do the same!
You can either print it out or digitally import it into any drawing/coloring app.
I use SKETCHBOOK which is for free!

What is your hair color / skin tone?

11 replies to “The little mermaid

  1. I like her sitting in the shell. Looks good. I like that I can change the colors of the mermaid. Why can’t I customize the fish, too. (Just joking, lol)

    Skin and hair color… You really are asking a lot… You already know I’m rather white… Hair… it’s the same color as a fall leaf.


  2. Aww I love these! The different hair/tail color combinations you chose go really well together 😊❀️
    My hair color is brown with auburn highlights, and my skin tone is a light olive!


  3. Aww thanks! It would be fun to see more creations though. Maybe purple or pink hair πŸ˜€
    I really like auburn. Can’t wait for the lockdown to be over so I can put a bit of warmth in my own hair.
    I have had all kinds of “natural” colors in my hair over the year, but for the past 2 years I have grown it out to my original color.

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  4. Yes definitely!
    I dyed my hair a more reddish auburn years ago. I liked that but I found out I enjoy my natural highlights more πŸ˜„
    One day I’d LOVE to get blonde highlights! Idk how it would look in my hair but I really like that style.
    That’s cool πŸ€—

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  5. When I had blonde highlights, I first did only 10 or 15. I really liked it so I went back to do my entire hair. So you could try that as a start πŸ˜€


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