Women in STEM

Today it’s “International Day of Women & Girls in Science”.
This is a celebration day for all females working in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).
Science is quite a broad term, but for this case, it does not include any Social Sciences.
In other words, It’s all about females that work/study in a “men’s world”.

But that is exactly what the Woman In Stem wants to change!
It is all about celebrating the women in a STEM field or encouraging girls to go that direction.

And as a female in a STEM field myself, I have a few things to say about this.
Let me take you back to the year 2007 😉

When I announced I was going to study Electrical Engineering, I had very few supporters.
Friends told me “Are you sure? This is a decision for life, you know!”
Teachers told me “I wouldn’t recommend it, we haven’t had a girl in this field for over 10 years”.
And my classmates didn’t expect much of me either.

Out of the 90 students, only 1/3rd graduated 4 years later.
And I was one of them.
So I “showed them”, right?

With parents as strict about schoolwork as mine, failing was neither an opportunity nor an option.
Quite frankly, I didn’t enjoy my school days, so I wanted to be done sooner rather than later.

During the graduation ceremony, the university announced how extremely proud they were to see a girl graduating as an Engineer after all these years.
Yet, they never considered me as their poster girl during my study years.
It’s typically a very attractive young lady they would choose for such activities.
And I was socially awkward anyways.

Personally, I am not a big fan of this commercial stimulation or pride.
But I would always encourage a child to choose science, NO MATTER THE GENDER 🙂

Let me express that with a doodle 😉

8 replies to “Women in STEM

  1. This made me think of Sheldon and Amy (?) and Howard and Bernadette (The Big Bang Theory). The women were very good in their fields, even if their male counterparts thoughts THEY were better/real scientists/ I don’t see a reason why a girl shouldn’t pursue a male-dominated career and vice versa. Generally speaking, both genders have better and worse traits, but that does not apply to everyone. If you feel like you’re good at A, go and be good in A. Who cares.

    And, a nice doodle!


  2. The “problem” with shows like these is that they want to make you believe that every Science student is some sort of genius.
    The reality is that most of us are just average.
    Besides, most will probably end up in a cooperate job where all the nice things you learned at school cannot be applied due to cost.
    In a way I am slightly bothered by the image the media is trying portray.

    And if an employer can choose between two average people, they would probably choose the male for the reason that he won’t disappear on an x month pregnancy leave. It’s just a saver choice.
    But I agree, the gender won’t identify who is the better scientist.

    Thank you! 😉

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  3. The crazy thing is math and chemistry are involved in “women” things like cooking cleaning healing. And I have a better understanding of those things now then when I was in school. It should all be genderless but women should def be hyped up in that field!! Good for you!!


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