Pet peeves in books

One of my most favorite things to do is reading.
And when I am not reading, I like to read book reviews.
There is something satisfying to see a review which you completely agree with.

Now, I say reading, but it’s actually audio books I listen to.
I have noticed that this is extremely frowned upon in the reading world, so let’s get a few things out of the way:

  1. I don’t live in a country where I can find many books in a language I understand
  2. Amazon does not exist here
  3. I have massive back issues. Finding a comfortable position while holding a book is not easy for me
  4. I get a lot more “reading” done. I listen to books when I clean, draw or exercise.

The last one is not always an advantage though.
Sometimes I feel that I have already read all the good books in the world.
And what’s left….. isn’t all that great.
In fact, I too often hear myself shout “How did this **** even get published?!”.


Here are a 3 of my pet peeves when it comes to books:

    Dear lord, how often do we need to hear about your drunken weekends, her perky breasts and how much happier he would be with you rather than his wife.
    WE GET IT, OK?!?!
  2. Naive characters
    It’s more often that the female is portrayed as naive, but it can be the male too.
    There was this one book which described a recently single man seeing a woman with bruises on the train. He immediately falls in love with her and starts up a conversation. A week later, they go on a “date” and she asks him to kill her husband. He thinks to himself “this is not ideal, but if that gets me the girl, I’ll do it.”
    I mean, come on. I know it’s fiction, but there should be some sense of reality in it.
  3. Overusing of phrases
    When did “She lets out a breath she didn’t realize she was holding” become writer’s favorite sentence?

But to end the post on a more positive note, I will reveal my favorite author.


Liz Nugent.

I have read all her 4 books and wow…. that woman knows how to write!

Do you have a favorite author?
What are some of your pet peeves when it comes to books?

13 replies to “Pet peeves in books

  1. Favourite author: Jodi Picoult. Trying to knock off all her books.
    Pet peeves: unrealistically strong characters with no superpowers.
    Teenagers who always know and do better than all the adults around them.
    Love at first sight/characters falling ‘irrevocably’ in love within three days.


  2. Thanks Andrea! well said especially the ‘holding breath’ one. I might steal this idea and post a list of my own. I listen to a lot of audio books myself since I have a long commute; I get just as absorbed in them as when a read a page.


  3. No, I do not have a favorite author. I tried reading a book by an author I liked last year and it was terrible. I don’t want to get my hopes up so I don’t pay attention to the author. What does that same about me as a writer?

    Pet peeves? Naive characters? Yes. Also, books that are telling you what to think on current issues. In a novel about a horse rider who falls in love with a stable boy, we don’t need to read about their views on race/sexual orientation if it doesn’t relate to the plot. Sometimes, there are scenes very out of the blue. A couple will be watching TV about this terrible person who said or did X, y, Z. Ok… how does that move the plot forward? It doesn’t. I like the book to be about the story and the characters.


  4. P.S. I must say that I read Unraveling Oliver (or whatever the title) and I didn’t enjoy it much 😦

    As you already know, I can only listen to books when I’m doing nothing. Otherwise, I can’t focus. But, I’m curious in what positions you listen to those books. I understand you said when you were cleaning… and doodling. Don’t you sit while doodling? Wouldn’t it be in the same position as reading? I’m just curious. We had a conversation with another blogger about reading positions, and I mentioned how in the past, I used to be able to read in all different positions but not anymore.


  5. Well… even the best writer can disappoint.
    It’s not something I want to pay attention per se, but audible would often recommend the same writers, so I usually just give it a try.

    Hahah. Yes, I completely agree with the pet peeves.

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  6. Oh, fair enough. I thought it could be something you would like.
    I really did like how it all came together.

    Yes, that is of course, but I have my tablet in a bit of an angle.
    I tried that with books, but they would slide off.
    Also I am a fast reader and the constant page flipping annoys me.
    Besides that, I take a break every hour or so to stretch my limbs. And while listening to a book, I can’t be interrupted.
    And books are actually quite heavy too…..
    Or maybe we’re just both getting old 😉

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  7. Audio books definitely count as reading! However you can get the story into your brain is great. And might I suggest you mix up what genres you’re reading in, rather than focusing on authors? Maybe it will help you find new material you enjoy!


  8. I completely agree!
    You might be right about the genre’s. I only really stick to psychological thrillers and crime. I should probably mix it up. Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

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  9. Nice post, can honestly relate with some of the peeves.
    Favourite author would probably be Michael Morpurgo. Pretty much devoured all his books when I was still in primary school, he definitely has a way with words that I can’t even describe.
    I wouldn’t even call this a pet peeve, but I hate it when the opening of a book is absolutely amazing and immediately draws you in, but then the rest of the story is just kind of a ‘meh, okay’.


  10. Ah, I have noted down the author. Thanks for the suggestion!
    Yeah, what you mentioned might not be a pet peeve but just a case of bad editing, which is even worse. I recently read a book (The Lake – Louise Sharland) like that and was really bumped about it.


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