Poll: Who wore it best?

Yesterday we were surprised with quite some snowfall here in Denmark.
It was time to bring back the “big ass” doodle feaux fur coat!

Now you tell me:

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25 replies to “Poll: Who wore it best?

  1. I have one to show you, but I don’t know if it’s something you would love to draw. It’s a tale of mosquitoes a and humans; Longolongo.


  2. Oh I see. Then I suggest you post it on your own blog and when I’ve done my drawing, we can simply link each other’s blogπŸ™‚ so no need to limit yourself to the amount of words !


  3. I actually have another idea. Let me create a new mosquito tale that will not involve humans. It is kind of hard to modify the one I have. Plus, I have some African folktales I would love you to go through. Maybe you can draw them. At least, it involves only animals. Can I send you a mail through the address you sent?


  4. Animals are definitely easier for me. I’d love to see your stories and hopefully I can draw something fitting.

    Yes of course, please send me! πŸ˜€


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