Book ideas

In the first 3 years of high school, I had a class which was literally called “Drawing”.
I am not sure if this is common in other countries or only specific in the country I grew up in.
Theoretically you could fail on this class, but the teacher happened to be a nice guy.
Those who didn’t do a particularly good job, got the “just passing grade”.
And I was among those.
My spatial ability being close to zero did play a part in that.

That’s why, when I decided to study Industrial Design, I even surprised myself.
It took me less than two weeks to realize that I made a huge mistake and to switch to Electrical Engineering.
What was I thinking?!

Electricity fortunately did suit me and after graduating, I worked in that same field for 9 years.
Until I quit my job to take a break from the horribly cruel cooperate world.
That was one year ago.

And what have I been doing in the past year?
Ironically, I have been drawing, A LOT.
And I have even published a Children’s book with my own drawings.

Shameless promotion intermezzo πŸ˜‰ :

My 2nd book will be published soon.
But after that, I am going to do something I am VERY excited about….!

I will dedicate myself to write & illustrate children’s books teaching about electricity and hopefully be part of creating future engineers!

I have posted this a while ago, but it suitable for this post as well:

A lesson about how to charge your phone faster

What do you guys think of this idea? πŸ˜€

12 replies to “Book ideas

  1. I think you might be onto something. With that, you could try reaching out to schools (kindergarten and such) to see if they would use those books for reading to the kids. Not sure if it’s that easy or if every book has to be approved by a million people of power, but it’s worth a shot. I think this is a great way to learn things in a fun way.

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  2. You know what has always bothered me?
    I was able to do all sorts of complicated calculations but when asked something very basic, I just couldn’t answer.
    It’s like school skips the basics.
    Time for a change! Time for an Andrea approach πŸ˜‰

    But yes, if it could be approved by those in power…. that’d be the dream πŸ₯²

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  3. loving that you found yourself back at the drawing board, and what a creative idea to use your EE knowledge and drawing to write children’s books (and perhaps ones for tech challenged adults like me :})


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