Coming Soon….. My 2nd book!

Patience has never been my strong point.
And before you start thinking that it is a bad thing, let me convince you otherwise 😉

After reading my first book (Mr. Donut & friends now only for $2.99!), I bet you can’t wait for its sequel. RIGHT?!

Well, neither could I, so keep an eye on my blog in the next coming few weeks, because it is COMING SOON:

But for now, please enjoy the first Mr. Donut book for only $2.99 on Amazon!

Mr. Donut and friends: Explore the 12 months of a year – Kindle edition by Benko, Andrea . Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

22 replies to “Coming Soon….. My 2nd book!

  1. Yes, I use photoshop and adobe animate. I have a small screen drawing tablet. I mostly make 2d game graphics, but I’m trying to learn digital painting with photoshop! faces are hard to draw


  2. my website is [ ], i post my games and some art there. I do mostly cartoon characters, but i’m trying to make realistic characters with shading and stuff like that


  3. Ah ok! I can’t find a follow button. You might want to check that out; you’ll miss out on followers otherwise.
    I had a look at your stuff! Looks really cool!
    Is adobe for free?

    Liked by 1 person

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