My blog inspirations

As I am typing this post, a few maintenance workers are doing repair work in the house
I wonder what their first impression was of our living space.
From crime books I have learned that the police would consider a house without pictures or any other personal belongings as suspicious.
So, maybe I am psychopath after all πŸ˜‰ *evil laughter*

I dislike “stuff” and love tidiness.
The rather large living room consists only of the bare minimum.
There is no separate cabinet where I line up my 150 books I have read in 2020 or a collection of souvenirs.
Christmas decoration, other than 3 nutcrackers who have been there since last summer, have not made it into the house.

But the workers might have wondered how the house is so tidy.
After all, there must be children with all these stuffed animals laying around and all these doodle drawings on the wall.
Nope! Just a couple in their 30’s πŸ˜‰

When someone asks me what my inspiration is behind my doodles and my recently published Children’s book, the stuffed animals would be my first answer!

A few years ago we started visiting a lot of aquariums and zoos.
And you know what the most fun part is?
The giftshop of course!

By now we have collected about 20 of these stuffed creature and have given each of them a different character:

I like to use these characteristics and their standard phrases as inspiration for my Doodles.

My second inspiration would be the fish .

Why are people still sleeping fish as pets?!
They are beautiful, intelligent and have very interesting behaviors.

The first thing you notice are the colors.
I have never been good at color matching, but fish have really taught me which colors fit together.

Another inspirational feature are the face expression of fish.
Some have the most adorable little grumpy face and others look more shocked, curious or happy.

BUT the most amazing thing about fish are their behavior.
Some fish are active and territorial, others are peaceful or protective.
It is especially interesting to witness a symbiotic relationship between fish.
An example is the Watchman Goby (the yellow grumpy looking fish) and his shrimp buddy.
Since shrimp has very limited eyesight, Goby will protect him from predators.
In the meantime, shrimp will dig a cave for him and Goby.
This is the absolute most adorable thing you can witness!

And that’s it for my main inspiration.
What are some of your inspirations for blogging / drawing?

15 replies to “My blog inspirations

  1. We’ve discussed the whole “minimalism” at home. I believe I have a bit more clutter than you, but still a lot less than others. People are weirded out by lack of photos and all sorts of useless stuff that supposedly makes a house a home.

    I remember my partner going to visit our neighbors and coming back to tell me how terribly dirty their place was. Or, we were able to see into another neighbor’s place – such a mess. We’re not neat freaks, but we try to keep the place somewhat clean.

    Are those all the fish you have or are those stock photos?

    We went to a museum the other day and there was no gift shop! I have no clue WTF.

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  2. I can understand when someone buys a house and intends to stay there for many years. But if it’s a rented property, it pretty much explains that the person is not ready to settle down. But oh whatever πŸ˜‰

    I haven’t been to someone else’s house in YEARS and the story about your neighbors is exactly why.
    Only 4 people have entered our current place. All of them said the same: “It’s a nice apartment, BUT WHY IS IT SO EMPTY?”
    And why exactly are they so bothered about it.

    The fish are stock photos, but the first 2 we have in our aquarium. The 3rd we are still debating about it. The 4th is a freshwater fish, so he could be in our tank. And the 5th is the next fish we want to buy. It’s a “six line wrasse” because of its stripes. It’s a very happy and active fish. Can’t wait!

    No giftshop?! That’s a crime.
    There is one boring museum in this boring town we live in, but there is a gift shop. They have stuffed toys from the same brand as Mike the Tiger and it’s probably better if I don’t go in there or else I’d be buying all of them πŸ˜‰

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  3. “Why are they so bothered by it?” That’s exactly what I wonder, too. My partner’s sister made some comments and then we keep getting “gifted” with things (that the sister assumed we needed). It caused a whole situation…

    The fish with the line through its eye is very unique.


  4. I guess I could be described as a minimalist.
    To be honest, I listen mainly to audiobooks. Drawing and listening to books is my favorite way to spend time πŸ˜„
    Happy new year as well. Sharky is great right?! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„


  5. I enjoyed your writing and the fish photos. And I’ve learned a bit about fish behavior πŸ˜›I don’t think I would have learned that anywhere else… not in such darling way.
    You do have the innocence of a child and that must make your book great.
    I’m on my way to work – public transportation – but I’ll check it out.
    I would love to have a tidy house like yours and your readers, but I do have a tendency to buy little knick knacks from thrift stores every weekend and have trouble getting rid of them afterwards.
    Such a battle 😏
    Have an enjoyable day.


  6. Watch any fish video and you will find that every vlogger talks in the same way about fish.
    It is such a cute community!
    Thank you so much for the compliments! They made my day!

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  7. I don’t think I’ve ever really looked at fish and thought about their expressions–or thought they had expressions. I’ve known a number of visual artists and love how differently their mind work compared to the way mine does. You’re right in there with the rest of them. It’s wonderful!


  8. About that psychopath thing. Any decent police officer would learn to speak fish and call them as witnesses in the court case. Be sure to cover bowl before you do any psycopathic things. And amphibians are vocal too. We have a pond with frogs and at a childrens party they vocalised when we played ABBA in the garden. So if you got a vivarium, cover that too.

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  9. Made me chuckle.
    Lately l got this feeling like somebody’s watching me. Never expected it to be my fish.
    Guess I have to bribe them to keep their lips sealed πŸ˜‰


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