I have published a Children’s eBook!

If you are currently within the age range of 26 – 40, you are what they call a “millennial”.

You have played snake on your Nokia 3310, but you are also familiar with “Insta” tags.
You spent your childhood playing hide and seek on the street, but you also understand the need for children to learn to deal with electronics.
At work you don’t belong to those with the 25+ years of work experience, but you know how to print an excel sheet.

Being a millennial is complicated to me.
I often roll my eyes at older colleagues who struggle with anything computer related, but making a career out of social media still sounds foreign to me.

But that is the world we are living in!

Ryan Kaji, a 9 year old boy, has earned $26 million (!!) by reviewing toys on YouTube.
People make money blogging or being an Instagram model.
#foodporn can make you look like a professional cook.

When I quit my job a year ago, I wasn’t too concerned.
I would either find a new job “easily” or I could make something happen with the help of social media.
COVID proved me wrong for the first option.
My personality proved me wrong for the second option.
I am just not the type who is willing to tweet or post a selfie every hour.

Possibly like many of you, I also have a dream to publish a book.
We all know JK Rowling’s story, so when my dad told me “Take her as your role model and send your script to everyone and anyone”, that’s what I did.

My motivation sank quickly.
Most of the agencies would have a list of what they did not want to see.
Even mentioning Christmas was not allowed at some, because it might offend a certain group of people.
Or a note that if you do drawings, don’t let it be any animals.

The phrase that really made me quit, was:
“We cannot respond to every email.
If you don’t receive a response within 6 months, you can consider it as that we are not interested.”

I realized I was not going to be the next JK Rowling.
But fortunately, we do live in a time when you at least have the option to make it yourself.

Amazon offers a self-publishing tool (KPD) which is quite user friendly (even for millennials 😉 )
It will cost you no money, nor waiting time, nor dealing with bureaucracy.
And after working in a cooperate world for 10 years, this is heaven.

So now I did what I always considered impossible.

When Mr. Donut receives a calendar for his birthday, he is excited to find out everything about the 12 months of the year.
Join him and all his Doodle friends in exploring the year!

I would really be grateful if you could purchase the book, recommend it to your family and friends and write a review about it.

If you have any questions about the Amazon Self publishing tool, I would be happy to help out!

Many many thanks,


24 replies to “I have published a Children’s eBook!

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  2. Congratulations! I really enjoyed reading this post and felt that I could relate to it…I turn 25 in a month, but the things you said about being a millennial resonated well with me 🙂


  3. Thank you!
    There are definitely Gen Z people who have an “old soul” and can relate to the millennial point of view.
    Really cool 😀


  4. Thank you so much! I think many people might be put off by how impossible it seems to self publish, but it’s surprisingly easy 😀


  5. I have a beautiful, close to six month year old daughter. I’d be interested to check this out later when she can understand . . . And thank you for swinging by over on my blog. Keep reading and writing! 🤠


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