A bit more about me :)

In a world where words can hurt, I’d rather be drawing

This is what I wrote in my “About me” page and nowadays, more than ever, this is exactly what applies to my life style.

I have never been very comfortable with words.
Perhaps because I was raised bilingual and I felt uneasy with both languages.
Maybe because my family was loud and I didn’t think that there wasn’t even room for my words anyways.
Possibly because I was awkward and preferred to be on my own.

These “years of silence” have provoked something within me.
I wasn’t yet ready to tell my opinions in speech, so I choose the next best thing: Blogging.

I started my first blog 4 years ago and I wrote about EVERYTHING.
My own trauma’s, how I felt about certain people, politics, feminism, activists, social media, you name it.
I also exposed a lot of myself.
I showed myself as the victim and the good person, but also situations where I was in the wrong.
For a good few months, I posted a blog every day.
I just had so much to share.
And this resulted in promising stats and an amazing amount of support.

People scream for honesty, but once you give it to them and it’s not in their liking….. they could start criticize you.
I admire people who can just frown at a hate comment, but that is not me, unfortunately.
And thus, I deleted my initial blog with more than 2000 followers.
I started a new blog and gained 300 followers, which then, I also deleted.

I decided to yet again start a blog from scratch, but this time I would only focus on my Doodles.
My very first and favorite Doodle was created about 3 years ago.
During a teambuilding event at work, we were ask to draw whether we think with our head or heart.
So, I drew the one thing that I knew for sure about myself: I am a skeptic at heart.
Skeptical Valentino was born.

From there on, I started to experiment more with giving a doodle a certain emotion.
More than anything, I would like to build a brand with these funny, little creatures.
So, let’s call my brand E-Doodles and see how far I come 😉

I try to post a doodle every day and some will be more to your liking than others.
Feel free to give me any kind of feedback, but more importantly, leave a request for me to draw.
I will try my best!

If you would like something very specific, let me know.
For a small price I will try to design your whishes which can be used for invitations, posters, book covers or anything you like.

Here is a picture of me with my doodles.
I got about 20 posters hanging around the house 😉

7 replies to “A bit more about me :)

  1. I have been starting and stopping blogs for years! The most notorious one (😂) was called Dreaming of Guatemala. It got over 2000 followers in the span of three years or so, but I had a lot going on in my life at the time so I wasn’t able to comfortably share the posts I wanted to write. I had a happy-go-lucky, professional advice-type blog, but I was struggling with depression and anxiety. 🤔 not a good fit. I was no authority on the subject of being happy and easygoing. I also had no connection with any of my followers (the friends I made all stopped blogging), so I deleted the blog.
    I’ve been doing my current blog since mid August of this year! It’s been a slow transition because things are easier in my life now and I’m able to heartily focus on writing, creating and positively expressing myself.
    I looove seeing your doodles! I always find it interesting when others create art (whether that’s through writing, painting, sculpting, you name it) and it’s through that medium they’re able to express themselves most accurately.
    Woo this comment has gotten long 😂 I’ll stop here. Anyway it sounds like we have some things in common! 💕

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  2. I felt like I needed to listen to your Q&A session before answering this comment and…. I don’t think I would have answered many questions differently!! (I am just a decade older 😉 )

    I, too, once had a Pineapple Doodle, which I called Pensive Pineapple. He was a thinker! I haven’t drawn him in a while, but I think it’s time to bring him back!

    And then you started talking about “seeing the bigger picture vs. paying attention to details”.
    I have written about that exact topic a few times in the past!
    Like you, I am much more detail oriented!

    So yeah, we have a thing or two in common 😉

    PS. Do you study? And if so, what do you study?

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  3. Thanks for listening to my podcast! Oh that’s so cool 😀 as I get older I’m finding that age is just a number! As a kid it held a lot of meaning for me, but it matters to me less and less now – both my age and others.
    That is so awesome! I’d love to see him. If you’ve shared him on your blog (or you’re going to), please let me know!
    That’s really cool! It’s such an interesting topic to me. I had no idea until like last week that those are the two types of people, and the way they think. It’s helped me to better understand myself, and others too!
    Awesooome 😀
    Yeah! I love researching history and psychology. Right now I’m reading Europe 101 by Rick Steves, which is teaching me a lot about Europe’s history! and recently I’ve been reading articles and some self-help books to learn more about psychology, especially that of the personality and coping with stress.
    What are your favorite subjects to study?


  4. You got me thinking in regards to “the years of silence.”
    I think that is also why I write. As a kid, books were really my only entertainment. Back then, I was worried that one day I would read all of the books and there would be nothing left to read. It upset me, so I figured I must contribute with my own writing.
    All these years later, I know that there are SO many books…

    I had a couple of blogs in the past, too. There was a poetry one, one that I used to write about observing people and what annoyed me… Now, I don’t have a niche. Eh, what works for me, works for me. I hope your new doodle blog is something that will continue to bring you joy.


  5. I remember a few years ago, I just couldn’t find any good books anymore, so I started writing myself. But writing is not easy or for everyone. I think I prefer to play the role reader.
    Also I am very impatiently waiting for your debut. 😉

    I also found a much cheaper substitute for Audible which also offers ebooks. So I have also been reading quite a bit again.

    Having a niche is commercially beneficial I guess. I think that many professional bloggers have several blogs with each one niche, rather than one blog which covers it all.
    I am also not a niche type of person, but writing is something I do for others (but still enjoying it myself)
    Doodling is something I only do for myself so why not showcase it 😀

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