Daily doodle: Giddy up!

Goldie is part of hosting this year’s Carrot Ranch Rodeo Writing Contest.
Can you come up with 99 word story with prompt “Reach for it, mister!”?
Why not win a prize of $25 for it 😉

Hop over to Goldie’s post for more information!

I am going to think about a story myself, but in the meantime I was inspired to doodle in a western theme!

Danger in the dessert

Here are some Cowboy themed doodle stickers if you want to compose your own doodle drawing.
The dimension of the background is 3508×2480 px (which works best for A3 print outs)
I use the free app Sketchbook.
You could also use the free app Phonto (which is a bit easier to use).

More stickers can be found on my Doodle Sticker page!
Happy Doodling 🙂

5 replies to “Daily doodle: Giddy up!

  1. Thanks!
    Yes, that would be the fun part. But I really wonder if anyone would buy it.

    I really appreciate your words, but the skeptic in me knows that I am bad at the marketing stuff (which nowadays pretty much is social media). I put all my doodles on here for free and most people don’t care for it. Even though I put 20 art and blog related hashtags

    Then I see with the type of art others make there living with on Etsy.
    Well…. it would never be my style.

    And yes, I’ll never make it as a motivational speaker 😅

    Liked by 1 person

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