Doodle school: About charging your phone

For a few years in my career, my job title was “Electrical Safety Instructor”.

Sometimes my students would have more experience than my age. At those times they would challenge me more than the other way around, which sometimes made me sweat.

But even more challenging to teach, were brand new students. I would throw in all these fancy sounding terms and they would stop me and say “Explain this to me like I’m a 5 year old”.

So I thought it would be fun to make Doodles out if it.

If you would like to how to know how to charge your phone faster, check out the Doodle slideshow below 😉

10 replies to “Doodle school: About charging your phone

  1. Ah great! I wanted to make a video, but WP told me it can be only done with with a Premium account.
    I hope you have learned something 😉 Though, I wanted to go much much deeper into the theory of an electrical cable, haha.

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  2. I have made video on YouTube actually of this one, but that was after the post.
    I actually want someone to do a voice over. I can’t do it myself, I really dislike it and I want someone who can do accents.

    Speaking of, is there a standard American accent or do people soundeatesd different in different states. If you want to share, let me know what your accent is!

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  3. My accent is … well, a mix, since I moved around a bit. But it’s mostly MidWestern.

    Yes, people do have different accents depending on which part of the States they are from. It’s quite easy to tell that someone’s from the South, or from New York.


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